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Back to School

Student - Susana Velasco

C4D RedShift render proof of concept
C4D RedShift render proof of concept

3D Party 

I decided last year it was time to further my education within the 3D world with School of Motion courses. They were worth every penny, and I plan on taking more soon. I've since learned how to enhance my renders with 3rd party plugins like Redshift and Octane. I've also learned new techniques to make my motion designs far more dynamic. I have a backlog of personal work that I'm slowly working on where I am still referencing these courses to help bring my work to life. 

RedShift Kitties

This project taught me all the basics of how to use Redshift renderer, and I've adopted it in my workflow ever since. 

SOM Beats

This project was a deeper dive into the world of Redshift material layering and lighting. Working with materials and building up their textures and surfaces is truly a fascinating but tricky process.  

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