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90210 returned to Fox this summer 2019, and the Fox 11 anchors could not contain their excitement! The Fox 11 anchors feverishly directed themselves being the ultra sexy, young, fun, and oooh soo rich 90210 cast. There was very little acting, Fox 11 talent is ultra sexy, young, fun, and super rich! I had the honor of making them looking even more fabulous in vintage 90s graphics, which was not hard. #Hotgirlsummer 

Design - Susana Velasco

Animation - Susana Velasco

I had the pleasure to create this knock-off 90210 logo for the GDLA team. I'm very previliaged to have access to all the official Fox 90210 one sheet branding for the show and the permission to "rebrand" the look!

BH 9021N0 LOGO.jpg
BOBBY 90210_03.jpg
BOBBY 90210_02.jpg
BOBBY 90210_04.jpg
BOBBY 90210_01.jpg
BOBBY 90210_05.jpg
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